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Allen Webster Bible Correspondence Course

This is a brand new course written by Allen Webster.  This is a high-quality, full color Bible study course that is designed to be scriptural, attractive, easy to use and interesting to the reader.  The lessons cover the following topics.

Lesson 1:  Introduction to the Bible
Lesson 2:  Principles of Bible Interpretation
Lesson 3:  Three Facts that Changed the World Forever
Lesson 4:  A Study of Covenants
Lesson 5:  Can God really Forgive Me?
Lesson 6:  The Terms of Forgiveness
Lesson 7:  Heaven is Only Four Steps Away: Part 1
Lesson 8:  Heaven is Only Four Steps Away: Part 2

John Hurt Correspondence Course

This is a series of 8 lessons that covers the following topics:

The Old Testament
The New Testament
Rightly Dividing The Word
Faith and Works
Becoming a Christian
Acceptable Worship
The New Testament Church
You Can Be Just a Christian

DVD Series

A Collection of DVDs that includes:

– Why are there so many Churches
– What Must I do to be Saved
– Is the Bible Reliable

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